Bláithín Illustrations

Hello and welcome to Bláithín (Blaw-heen, “Little Flower”) Illustrations. My name is Bernadette and I am a self taught illustrator and modern calligrapher. I’m guessing you’ve made it to my website because you are looking for a little something different and extra special and I hope this is what I can give you!

My journey to this chosen career has been an interesting one! I have a background in science, but always had a love and passion for being creative, however, it wasn’t until I had my son Llewyn, that I realised I wanted to make this my full time career. I wanted a job where I could watch my little boy grow but also fulfil my passions and have an identity outside of being a “mum”.

I work in watercolour and ink for my calligraphy. Both watercolour and modern calligraphy have long been a passion of mine. My designs are originals of my work which I digitise to create cards, prints and wedding invitations. Not all my work is digitised as I share the same love for creating bespoke commissions which I offer a few slots for each month.

I want to help bring back the joy of sending and receiving letters, and adding that personal touch to wedding invitations creating something unique for your special day. So please, go explore my shop and if anything takes your fancy pop it in your basket, or if you have an enquiry please contact me, hello@blaithinillustrations.com, I’d love to hear from you.